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Testimonials From Our Personal Training Clients

“In February 2004 at 39 years and 3 months, weighing 76 kgs I decided that when I turned 40 in November of that year I wanted to be fit, fabulous and forty. So I found John. My first comment to John was “I don’t care what you make me do but I will not run”. Famous last words.

When I turned 40 I weighed 63 kgs. I couldn’t have done it without John’s visit twice a week to my home. With 3 children it is hard to find the time to go out to a gym and have someone watch them. The mobile service is fantastic.

After 3 years John still comes to my house twice a week and I am about to compete in my first 4km Fun Run. I couldn’t have done it without him. Whenever I am training by myself I can still hear John’s voice. You can do it Karen; Not much further; Think of that little black dress. These words keep me going.” *

Karen Bermingham


“I have known John since October 2006, the month of which I decided to make a significant change in my life. I train with John once a week, I find him to be the most motivating, non-sympathetic, extremely caring person, for that I thank him. I have lost – not sure in kilos as I am not allowed to weigh myself, however I have dropped from a size 16 to now a comfortable 12. My life has changed dramatically not only physically but also mentally - I owe it to John for believing in me when I didn’t.
Due to my improved fitness, my outlook in life/career is most positive, with so much energy.

Once again thank you John, as I would definitely would not have been able to do this without you!

PS - My husband also says Thank you :)" *
Marie T


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